History, Mission & Vision



In 2009, neighbors and volunteers founded Neighbors Building Brightmoor (NBB), an organization that has transformed our neighborhood into a space resplendent with gardens, greenhouses, and parks. Growing naturally out of the opportunities created by an increased amount of locally grown fresh produce, Brightmoor Artisans Collective (BAC) was founded in 2014 with the intention of creating and maintaining a safe space where community members could creatively work and learn together to process, market, and consume affordable, healthy food.

We wanted to provide artisans and entrepreneurs the opportunity to cultivate their businesses through creating value-added food products with the opportunity to increase the accessibility of these goods to the neighborhood. We also aspired to provide space for increased access to nutrition education as well as programs related to creativity and wellness.

In October of 2014, BAC purchased a building on Fenkell and began renovations. We started hosting annual farmers’ markets in the parking lot the following year. Through the hard work, dedication, and support of community members and volunteers, as well as the generosity of our funders, we were able to revitalize our space and officially open our doors in 2016.

Currently, BAC operates a nonprofit community center that serves as a safe community space, café, food business incubator, and classroom where neighbors can gather to purchase affordable products, eat healthy food together, and share ideas.


Our Mission

Brightmoor Artisans Collective is working to create an equitable, sustainable and local economy based on healthy, locally grown and crafted products in Brightmoor. We seek to maintain a space where community members can safely and creatively work and learn together to process, market and consume affordable and healthy food.

We work to accomplish our mission via 4 main components:


Our Vision

We envision Brightmoor as a healthy, sustainable and equitable community whose economy supports the production and distribution of skillfully crafted products.